China Healthcare NYTimes Lies

Now, you’re about to show a bunch of disturbing footage of people being very upset in hospitals. I’m not going to show this footage because it’s exploitation of these people’s grief. I’m just going to show you a still frame where you can clearly see what this lady is upset about.
China Healthcare New york times Lies
Clearly she’s upset because she spent less than Americans spend. Nothing to do with an actual tragedy.
NYT VIDEO: Patients upset in hospital, fighting the staff.
Narrator: Numbers like these have added up to a culture of conflict. …violence has become commonplace in hospitals across China.
Caption: Police: Calm down! Woman: You are all murderers!
Here we see a lady yelling out “You are all murderers.” Obviously she had a tragedy - someone in her family, a loved one has passed away. She’s overcome with emotion and grief and rage and she’s having a horrible experience.
She’s dealing with the worst grief in her life and I just want everyone to notice that what you’re trying to say is that she’s mad about the bill.
Look, violence in hospitals is rare in China and it’s a problem everywhere. I’ve been to hospitals in China many times and I’ve never seen any violence - nothing even close to it. No one I’ve ever known has seen it anywhere and I just keep wondering why you seem so determined to show there’s some huge crisis here when clearly there’s a big problem in America. I mean - just take a look.
New AMA policy calls for research on violence against physicians.³¹
Violence against emergency room staffers seen as increasing.³²
Assaults against ER physicians and staff rising.³³
In America nurses face workplace violence rates higher than in any other industry.³⁴
Or how about this one that says hospital violence happens so often that health care workers consider it part of the job?³⁵
Or how about this video that was on one of those articles - I just clicked it and watched.³⁶
China Healthcare New york times Lies
These doctors have seen real violence.
*NON* NYT VIDEO: American doctors recount instances of being kicked, punched, spat on, and their colleagues who were tracked down and murdered by patients.
You’re showing us a video of a lady overcome with grief and despair and claiming it’s somehow because she pays less than Americans do. I just showed you a video I found in two seconds where American doctors are talking about their colleagues being tracked down and murdered in parking lots and at their homes.
And yet for some reason I wasn’t able to find your video about the “culture of conflict” in America and how “violence has become commonplace in hospitals across America.” Why is that?
The people you showed are upset because they lost a loved one - it’s not because the bill’s too high.
China Healthcare New york times Lies
Ancient footage shows someone angry.
NYT VIDEO: Angry people in hospitals fighting people. Tragic music.
Narrator: Violence in hospitals has become so common in China, there’s a word for it - yinao.
Yes, in Chinese you can say Yinao, which means “hospital disturbance.” But the point you’re making is so juvenile and stupid that I can’t believe I have to tell the New York Times that having a word for something doesn’t make it common. They said this in the video and wrote it in the article. Somebody typed those words - ”it happens so often they even have a word for it.”³⁷
Let me tell you another thing that happens so often that there’s a word for it in Chinese - qiuxinglei. That is so common that they have a word for it. What does that mean? It means ball lightning. Happens all the time because they have a word for it.
Also did that video say 2012 on it? Let’s talk about the most recent statistics in America compared to the previous year. According to the IAHSSF Crime and Incident Survey 2017, hospital rapes and murders are up over 11% from the previous year. Think that’s just a fluke? All of the crime statistics they track are up - all of them. Assault, burglary, theft, vandalism, disorderly conduct, motor vehicle theft, rape, murder - it’s all up.³⁸ Some metrics are up by 40%. And during that same time, medical disputes and hospital-related crimes went down in China, not up.³⁹
8 Jul 2019