New York Times Video about China Health Care

Can you see now why I was so upset when I saw the NYT video about the healthcare in China?  Can you imagine what it must be like to have these idiots from America come to your country and exploit the deaths of your people for their own propaganda films against you? What a disgusting piece.
And just to top it off, even the very last thing her son says in this video is intentionally mistranslated.
Let’s take a look.

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NYTimes on China's Cancer healthcare 

NYT VIDEO: Zhejun face
Zhejun: “具体这个病 它这个进程就是这样的” (This is how the disease is. This is the process.)
Caption: This is our way to treat cancer.

No, he didn’t say “This is our way to treat cancer.” They’re trying to make it seem like he’s saying “Oh, this is just how we do it in China” - which is not at all what he’s saying.
What he said was “This is how this disease is - this is the process.” Basically he’s saying “Yeah, this is just what cancer is. You throw everything at it, every type of treatment you possibly can, and in the end, it usually wins and you still die.” That’s what he’s saying, and they’re twisting that around into “Oh, China doesn’t know what to do about cancer,” which is so messed up - like, why would you do that? And how is it that you think that I wouldn’t catch you?
Another thing they conveniently left out of this video - the cancer rate for women in America is 15% higher than in China.⁴⁰ The lung cancer rate for women is 19% higher in America than in China.⁴¹
And in case you’re wondering, the cancer death rate in China is the same as Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.⁴²
Do those places have a huge crisis? Where’s the New York Times articles about people dying from cancer in those places with someone screaming because of the hospital bill, somebody in line complaining that he was there early and footage of soldiers with slicing sounds as they talk about ID cards?
There is plenty of incompetence on display from the New York Times, like how they call the lady “Ms. Yao” and then later talk about her son moving in with his parents.⁴³ Or how they posted the video on the wrong article back in September,⁴⁴ and then released the right article in November, with another wrong video.⁴⁵ As of today the videos are still on the wrong articles.
Or how about the fact that Sui-Lee Wee, the Singaporean lady living in Beijing who wrote the article doesn’t even know the city or province these people were in. She said the family lives in the province of Liaoning, but they actually live over 500 miles away in a different province - Hebei.⁴⁶
But even with these amateur mistakes I can’t force myself to believe this story was born solely from incompetence - the evidence for Sinophobia is just too prevalent. With hundreds of anti-China tweets and reposts on both Sui’s and video creator Jonah Kessel’s twitter accounts, it’s no wonder this video comes off so anti-Chinese. Jonah Kessel has been making anti-Chinese films inside of China for years. That’s how they make their money - by exploiting the Chinese. By exploiting the dead and dying in China.
Look, no country is perfect and no health care system is perfect, but this is just a propaganda video, plain and simple. And it’s cast a huge shadow over everything the New York Times has done since. How can I trust them to report honestly when they have so clearly shown they are willing to mistranslate, lie, obfuscate the truth and omit relevant information?
For those of you that want more information about me or my book, or if you want to see the sources for this video, unlike the New York Times, I’ve listed them all out as clear as day on my website .

You know, the next time you run a piece about China, you need to do more than send out interns to exploit tragedies and interview people in line and then edit whatever you get to tell some fairy tale in a propaganda video.
You better come correct next time, because I’m watching you.

Dedicated to the peaceful memory of 姚香花
and of my mother Julie


and of everyone everywhere who has suffered the tragedy of cancer.


25 Mar 2019